Rich people, poor people, heavy people, light people, religious people, non-religious people, smart people, dumb people, long people, short people, bad people, good people, beautiful people, ugly people, healthy people, unhealthy people, abled people, dis-abled people, and all colored people. 

This project is meant to emphasize the similarities between human beings. Showing that we are more alike beneath all the classifications that society has put on us. Fluid Family  highlights human body fluids that are often seen as gross, disgusting and taboo. 

And yet, we all have it, we all deal with it and we all need it. 

Which makes us think again, why are there groups of people that still think they are superior to others? Let us try once again to close gaps. 

Your snot is not better than mine. 

  • Vagina Humidum – pussy juice
  • Sputum  – spit 
  • Pituita nasi – snot 

Exhibition at Les Docks Village, Marseille Curated by Chloe Marchand, 2022

Rotterdam, 2021